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Frequently Asked Questions

Additional Accounts

What are Additional Accounts?

An Additional Account is just like a regular IBackup account. Any paid IBackup subscriber can create and manage multiple Additional Accounts from a single administrative login.

Each Additional Account is charged separately. The charges are the same as IBackup pricing plans and billed to the main IBackup account holder.


How do I create and manage Additional Account(s)?

You can create and manage your additional accounts by logging into your account from any web browser.

Creating an additional account

  1. Login to IBackup.com, click on your username at the top-right corner, and then click 'Additional Accounts', under 'Account'.
  2. Under the Additional Account section, click the 'Create Additional Account' button.
  3. Fill out the form with the details of the additional account user.
  4. Click the 'Create Additional Account' button.

Also, the main account holder can edit the profile details of any Additional Account, can upgrade plans, view the status of data backups, and cancel the Additional Account(s).


Can I view the billing and invoice information related to my Additional Account(s)?

Yes, you can view the billing and invoice information of the additional accounts.

  1. Login to your IBackup account and click 'Billing Report'. The 'IBackup Account Receipt / Transaction Summary' page is displayed.
  2. Choose 'View Additional Accounts Transaction' to view the transaction summary.
  3. To see the invoice of each transaction, select 'Invoice' on 'IBackup - Additional Accounts Transaction Summary' page.


I have canceled my main IBackup account. Do my additional accounts get canceled as well?

No. You can choose to cancel only the main IBackup account or all your additional accounts. If you do not wish to cancel the additional accounts, they will operate as an individual IBackup accounts.