IBackup Professional
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Enterprise class online backup and storage solution

Secured with 128-bit SSL encryption on data transfer and 256-bit AES encryption on data storage with a
user defined key known only to you. Backup and retrieve up to 30 versions of a single file.

Business continuity
Automated backups, web console for centralized management, and 24 x 7 access via the web with provision to restore data to any computer.
World-class data centers where data is stored with military grade encryption and backed up to local RAID devices at regular intervals; optional periodic mirroring to an alternate data center for additional redundancy.*
Assists businesses comply with federal mandates by way of data retention, encrypted storage and transfer - that prevents tampering or unauthorized access.
With a pay-as-you-scale model and no additional software or hardware requirements, IBackup Professional makes perfect business sense.
Online database backup
Hot backups of your MS SQL server, MS Exchange server and system components - designed for the 24 x 7 business model that allows no downtime.

* This is an optional feature involving additional charges. Write to us at support@ibackup.com to seek a quote on across the data center mirroring in addition to local data backup.