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IBackup Professional is a service of Pro Softnet Corporation, an ASP and Internet Solutions Provider based in Calabasas, CA. Since its inception in 1995, Pro Softnet Corp. has been providing Internet-based solutions and customized Internet software solutions for many Fortune 100 companies. Our years of experience with the world's leading corporations have helped us customize our solutions to their business needs.

Pro Softnet's product line also includes the remote access service - RemotePC.
For details refer to http://www.remotepc.com.

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IBackup - Online backup and storage service
IBackup is a leading online storage and backup service providing you highly customizable, secure online backup, storage, access and data sharing solution. It has multiple interfaces and options to backup, retrieve and manipulate data. No other service in the same league offers the flexibility that IBackup offers in terms of its products and services. Leading global corporations, business houses and individual consumers use IBackup for their backup and storage needs.

IBackup has bagged many awards including the 'Webuser Gold Award’ awarded by UK's best-selling Internet magazine, 'PC Magazine Editor's Choice' and was the 'favorite backup service' for PCWorld Magazine when they profiled 17 similar services.

The IBackup Advantage

Our products are tailored specifically to suit the CIO’s organizational IT backup strategy. We have the necessary infrastructure and backup technologies to achieve the backup/retrieval of your messaging and database servers such as MS Exchange and MS SQL Servers. In other words, our application integrates seamlessly with your IT infrastructure at the same time ensuring a minimal Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Our state of the art application and technologies are also capable of backing up open files. Our patent pending backup technologies help optimize the time taken to perform your backups and help optimize storage at our offsite location.

We follow the most stringent data protection strategies. The data stored on our servers are secured with a high level of encryption and accessible only to the account owner. Our patent pending applications will meet the stringent data protection audit trials and privacy protection requirements.