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Your MS SQL database contains critical information pertaining to your customers, finances, departments, warehouse etc. – gathered over the years and key to your business continuity.

IBackup Professional securely and automatically backs up your company’s database with no downtime.

IBackup Professional backs up your Microsoft SQL Server databases running on your computer to your IBackup account. It takes full advantage of embedded capabilities in Microsoft SQL Server's backup and restore functions to ensure a fast, reliable backup and restore.

The online backup is easily configured through the graphical user interface and can be scheduled for future date and time. Restore functions include point-in-time recovery of the specified databases. You need to have appropriate privileges to perform backup and restore operations.

Ensure that you have sufficient free space in your computer as the data is first backed to a temporary folder on your computer.

Step 1.
Select the SQL Server Backup option from the application menu:
Backup-Restore > SQL Server > SQL Server Backup.

MS SQL Server Restore

Steps to restore MS SQL Server database from your IBackup Professional account. More

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Step 2.
Provide the relevant authentication information when prompted.
Click to know more about MS SQL Server authentication.

Step 3.

Select the database file(s) from the list displayed. Click the 'Next ' button to access the scheduler wizard screen.

Step 4.

In the scheduler wizard screen, you may schedule the backup for a future date and time with various scheduled backup options or perform an immediate backup to your IBackup Professional account.

To know more about the restore process, view MS SQL Server Restore page.

System Requirements
Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 Servers
MS SQL Server 2000, MS SQL Server 2005, MS SQL Server 2008, MSDE, MS Express 2005, MS Express 2008
128 MB RAM
Sufficient space in hard disk to store the database backup files (.dmp)