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Emails are the primary mode of business communication with employees and stakeholders. Not only are they a record of work transaction, but also carriers of confidential information.

IBackup Professional backs up your entire mail server, down to a single email with no downtime, so that you can easily recover any lost or deleted emails and are fully prepared for an audit.

Exchange Server Backup   Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup

IBackup Professional provides an easy, secure, fast and reliable way to backup your MS Exchange Server databases to your account. This application has the ability to perform backup and restore of MS Exchange Server databases without interrupting it's services.

Full or traditional backup of the MS Exchange Server databases is the method for a complete backup (or recovery) of the Exchange Server databases. more


The 'Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup' method allows you to backup individual mailboxes on the MS Exchange Store to your IBackup Professional account. The application backs up the contents of the selected mailboxes to a Personal Folder (.PST) file that can be accessed using Microsoft Outlook at any point of time.

The IBackup Professional 'Exchange Brick-Level Mailbox Backup' is designed to only perform backup of individual mailboxes for the selected mailbox stores and it is not a method for complete backup or recovery of Exchange database.

In order to perform complete Exchange database backup for Exchange recovery you should use the 'Exchange Server backup / restore' feature of IBackup Professional. more

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