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IBackup Professional offers the following plans:

Storage Space Promo Offer Monthly Rate Yearly Rate
10 GB 50 GB $9.95 $99.50
15 GB 75 GB $14.95 $149.50
35 GB 175 GB $34.95 $349.50
50 GB 250 GB $49.95 $499.50
100 GB 500 GB $99.95 $999.50
200 GB 1000 GB $199.95 $1999.50
400 GB 2000 GB $399.95 $3999.50

IBackup Professional retains upto 30 versions of a single file. It calculates the total storage space for only the latest version, and not the previous copies. For a typical account, this means that you get nearly an overall storage capacity that may be twice or higher the storage capacity you opt for.

If your usage exceeds the opted storage plan, there is no need to necessarily upgrade to the next higher plan. You will be charged at $2 per GB per month, for over usage.

Special Promo: This promotional offer is time dependent and is valid from 11th March 2023 to 16th March 2023. Users signing up for a new paid plan during this period will be offered more storage (5 times) space than what we normally offer. This promotion is also offered for existing users who 'Upgrade'. An upgrade here is defined as a transaction that results in opting for a plan with a higher monthly or yearly charge compared to the existing charges. For example: Upgrading from $9.95/month (a 10 GB plan currently) to $14.95/month plan for 15 GB would be a valid qualifying upgrade. One would get 75 GB with the storage promo offer with this upgrade.