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Nov 08, 2001

IBackup is rated the best storage service by IDG Interactive, German Division
IBackup was compared with several other storage providers in several categories including speed, features, performance and other features and IBackup was rated the best. Please note the link provided is a German-to-English translated page.

Sep 28, 2001 BUSINESS WIRE

IBackup releases products and services to 'net enable' office applications
What differentiates IDrive from competing Network Drive implementations is its ability to do concurrent operations using standard office applications. Now common business office applications such as Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and others can be used to seamlessly access and execute concurrent operations on files stored on IBackup accounts.


Sep 10, 2001

Kiplinger's coverage of Online Backup Services
IBackup offers browser, wireless, FTP / WebDav and Software-based applications, customized scheduled backups and password-protected file and folder sharing...


May 08, 2001

ZDNet reviews Toshiba Magnia SG10 Server Appliance with a 5 star rating
The data backup and recovery control is excellent, with a web based utility that performs full, incremental or custom backups easily.

Mar 05, 2001 PCWorld

Toshiba unveils new Appliance Server, aligns with internet based backup from IBackup
In addition to the Magnia SG10's generous feature set, Toshiba has aligned with industry leaders to provide key services such as Web hosting and domain-name registration from InfoSpace, Internet-based backup from Ibackup, e-mail from USA.net, computer-based training videos from LearnKey and Bluetooth wireless solutions from Red-M....

Jan 22, 2001 BUSINESS WIRE

IBackup releases IBCM 1.0, Content Management Server Solution for Enterprises
Using IBCM 1.0, enterprises can extend their network cost effectively with Web-accessible storage. IBCM provides a secure, scalable, and reliable means for businesses to quickly add Web-accessible standards-based file storage applications. In addition, file security and access permissions are handled just like traditional network security methods -- the designated administrator can assign access permissions and allot disk space quotas for specific users.


Jan 05, 2001

Javaworld coverage of IBackup scheduler for Unix
IBackup has unveiled Smart-IB Plus, a Java-based online backup scheduler that offers compression and incremental backup capabilities for Unix platforms. IBackup provides businesses with a Web-based storage option that supplies file backup and restore capabilities with multiple folder via Java-based Web browsers.


Jan 04, 2001

Australia PCMAG review of IBackup
Browsing around your drive is fast and the interface is efficient. Unlike many other services, IBackup allows you to move, delete or share large numbers of files simultaneously. You can upload multiple files and URLs concurrently, and the search feature even accepts wildcards.

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