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Sep 28, 2001 Releases a Suite of Products and Services Aimed at Net Enabling Standard Office Applications, Extending the Scope and Meaning of ASP - Business Editors

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sept 28, 2001 - IBackup (, a division of Pro Softnet Corp., has released a suite of products and services aimed at net enabling standard office applications extending the scope and meaning of ASP.

IBackup is a Web Based Online Storage, Collaboration and Sharing services provider. IBackup's desktop tools now include IDrive, an advanced form of network drive technology implementation that maps users IBackup space as a network drive.

What differentiates IDrive from competing Network Drive implementations is its ability to do concurrent operations using standard office applications. Now common business office applications such as Microsoft Word, Access, Excel and others can be used to seamlessly access and execute concurrent operations on files stored on IBackup accounts. also offers an advanced form of IDrive that can be used to net enable advanced office applications such as QuickBooks or ACT!2000 with multi-user options. In addition,'s professional services division offers custom solutions to net enable advanced database based applications.

A special customized version of IDrive even supports streaming. Businesses would find this feature very valuable, combining the ease of network drive and streaming technology instead of a browser based interface. Businesses could use this to 'push' multimedia broadcast messages directly onto users' desktops.

'Net Enabling' of standard office applications is a relatively new field, and IBackup has made more advancements than anyone else in this field proving the technology leadership of IBackup in the Web Based Storage arena," said Raghu Kulkarni, president and Chief Execute Officer of Pro Softnet Corp. Now users can use their familiar desktop applications and simply net enable them using IDrive.

Net enabling technologies are expected to gain popularity as the cost of Bandwidth goes down, and at least for simpler office applications, IDrive provides a great alternative to the traditional ASPs with a key advantage, the users knowledge of the applications. IBackup's storage costs are significantly less compared to a standard ASP. Also, since the applications used such as Access, Excel and QuickBooks have been around for a long time, they are more mature and bug free compared to the newer ASP based applications. "Net enabling standard office applications is a clear ROI winner as long as you have a high Bandwidth Connectivity," said Raghu Kulkarni.

In addition, IBackup has updated its IBCM (IBackup Content Management) offering and now supports HTTP, FTP, SMTP, CIFS, WEBDAV and WAP protocols, and customers can now choose all or a combination of tools using these protocols to access data. IBCM is a licensable form of IBackup's storage offering and is targeted towards businesses and ISPs. With its range of services and products, the IBCM offering clearly beats out rival offerings from Oracle (Oracle IFS) and Xythos in speed, performance and features.

About IBackup

IBackup is a division of Pro Softnet Corp., a software consulting and SSP on the Internet, based in Woodland Hills. Pro Softnet Corp. was established in April 1995 and has successfully executed software consulting assignments for many Fortune 100 companies.

IBackup is the technology leader in providing an open, highly customizable secure backup, data storage, access and data sharing solution with several possible interfaces and options to backup, retrieve and manipulate data on the Web, using any Web-enabled device.

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