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June 09, 2009

Online Backup Company Offers IBackup LTA (Long Term Archiving) - Enhances SMB Offerings

IBackup announces IBackup LTA (Long Term Archiving) solution to its SMB customers helping them meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., June 9 /PRNewswire/ -- To meet archive and compliance requirements, IBackup ( now offers LTA (Long Term Archiving) solution via customized snapshots technology. While IBackup has always offered the snapshots technology to enable historical view of backup data for the past few days, this view has been limited to 10 days, or in some customized enterprise accounts, up to 30. With the new LTA technology for snapshots, IBackup now offers historical view that can go back to multiple years.

'Long Term Archiving' solution is expensive and available to only enterprise customers who can opt for proprietary storage systems from IBM, EMC, among others, to run either within their enterprises or at data centers. Now IBackup is enabling similar functionality for a fraction of the cost for small to medium sized businesses. "We can now offer customized long term snapshots for retrieval which can span even multiple years," said K. Bhatia, Infrastructure Manager at Pro Softnet Corp.

Snapshots are 'read only' copies of data that aid in historical view of data at a point in time. While having snapshots of the past few days or weeks has been easily achievable, providing long term snapshots for archiving needs has been a technological challenge as well as a price point challenge since it is often very expensive. IBackup's LTA solution spans multiple platforms. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Additional details on the LTA solution can be found at

"We continue to innovate and bring enterprise quality offerings to SMB market at affordable prices. With IBackup, we offer fast online backup and restore choices with various levels of optimization. We offer Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle hot backups. We offer true hot sites disaster recovery solution where one can create a full replica of primary data at a secondary location, something that only large enterprises could afford. We also offer 'rapid serve,' a unique shipped device plus online backup combination for faster initial backups and restores; and now, we are offering long term archival options," said Raghu Kulkarni, President and CEO of Pro Softnet Corp.

About IBackup:

IBackup is a leading provider of online backup and storage services. IBackup has been in receipt of many accolades among which the latest was the best of the bunch as rated by PCWorld magazine and has in the past been the PCMagazine editor's choice pick and the PCPro award winner. IBackup has, in the recent past, been awarded with the Webuser gold award in the entire online backup category.

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