Linux Data Backup using IBackup Express™

Securely transfer files from your Linux machine to cloud via IBackup Express™

Use IBackup Express for Linux to speed up bulk data transfer from your Linux machines to the online account. Transfer your data to the temporary storage device shipped to you by IBackup and send it back to us. We will upload it to your cloud account.

Data is secure on transfer and storage with AES 256-bit encryption and optional private key. While transferring your files via the hard drives, Local Backup in IBackup encrypts your files using 256-bit AES encryption, with an optional private key. Moreover, along with file data, the file path is encrypted too. This means, even if the hard drive is lost or stolen, no one can ever access your files.

Steps for immediate express backup of your files and folders

  1. Connect the storage device shipped by IBackup to your Linux machine.
    Note: Make sure that the connected storage device is properly mounted on the Linux machine.
  2. Run the command mentioned below and follow the instructions:

When you run express script, it loads all the detected mount points. You must select the mount point that belongs to storage device, in order to backup data to the express storage device. In case the mount point for storage device is not detected by script then you can input 'q' and enter the mount point manually.

Script will validate the mount point and after validation, it will display backup location for your data in storage device. You can change the backup location, if needed.

Note: Selected backup location will be the location where user will find their data in the IBackup account, after data is made available to user's account.

User can view the graphical progress bar for ongoing express backup.


Once the express backup completes, you can view the summary of operation on-screen and for more details you can view the complete log of operation using You must eject the device from your Linux machine and ship it back to us once data transfer is completed.