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November 26, 2013

IBackup Unveils Reseller Program

Online Backup provider IBackup announced a revamped version of its service. Updates include fully redesigned website and software, integrated mobile backup apps, new backend updates, and a new reseller initiative.

IBackup offers enterprise-class online backup for small and mid-sized businesses. They report over 100,000 small businesses protect their critical data using IBackup. Some new additions to the IBackup software include:

  • Complete graphical facelift.
  • Updates to the IBackup software for Windows and Mac OS.
  • One-touch backup/restore for for iOS and Android devices.
  • Built-in integration for MS-SQL, Exchange, SharePoint, and other advanced server backups.

Also included in the update is the DR Plan – designed to allow users to routinely send backed-up data to a secondary device, allowing quick access in case a primary machine or office becomes unavailable.

Along with the software changes, an upgraded IBackup partner program provides additional capabilities for partners to acquire users, including a new bulk reseller program. Resellers can leverage the IBackup architecture in their own service offerings. Qualifying resellers will also be able to co-brand their software, to extend their brand offering.

"Bulk reseller accounts have been a long-requested feature, now we have the perfect product to give service providers an easy way to sell backup space to their clients.” said Shane Bingham, Business Development Coordinator, and Director of the IBackup Partner Program.

"With the new reseller program, we still provide full support to the end user, so the reseller can focus on what's most important for their business: collecting revenue, and generating new business." Bingham added.