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January 26, 2007


Online Backup Services Reviews

IBackup is the best online backup and file storage service

Experts agree that all computer owners should use some kind of backup solution to protect against data loss or corruption. Online file storage is one option, allowing users to store their most important files on a secure remote server. Online backup services can be a good alternative to backups on CDs, DVDs or additional hard drives – all of which are subject to damage and require physical storage. Online backup services provide solutions to folks who want to make backup copies of important documents, exchange files with friends and family members, or store data that would take up too much space on their hard drive, such as music, photo and video files. Reviews warn that online backup is not a replacement for traditional backup systems, but it can be good secondary protection against unforeseen issues such as fire, theft or damage.

We found the best, most comprehensive review for online backup and file storage services in PC World, where editors test and review 17 websites in three categories. Though many sites can do double or triple duty, PC World separates its review into sites for online backup, sites for extra storage, and file sharing sites. PC Magazine differs from many reviews in that editors install and thoroughly test each service. Many other reviews, such as reports from and WebUser, focus only on features. This is a problem since some services are harder to use, experience hiccups or create system drag.

Though editors only cover six online backup services, a review in Computer Power User is also excellent. Editors especially test for speed and system drag by uploading the same test file to each service, measuring recording time and CPU usage of the host system. This is an important consideration. If you don't have a super-fast computer and Internet connection, you may find your system slow too much while making backups. Other reviews are helpful, but they either don't compare services or only compare features without testing performance.

In the latest reviews, IBackup gets better reviews for ease of use and reliability than its main competitor. IBackup is also faster than other services. In one test at Computer Power User, it took only 25 minutes to upload test files to IBackup.Users can schedule incremental, differential and full backups. In addition, data is encrypted to and from your computer, as well as once loaded on the IBackup servers. Separate versions of IBackup work with Windows and Mac systems. IBackup allows designated friends to view your files. Interesting features include a "snapshot" view, which allows you to retrieve files up to ten-days old, even if you've deleted them from your hard drive or revised them. Overall, reviews say IBackup is the best online backup and file storage service.