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December 25, 2003

PCWorld features IBackup in top tips of 2003 for mobile computing - PRWeb

(PCWorld) December 25, 2003 -- Theft or disaster can rob you of your notebook as well as any external backup drive or backup CDs you may have--everything, in short, in your office. Online backup services store your critical files off site, so a disaster in your office won't affect them. Also, online backup services make your files available from any computer with a Web browser, which could save the day if you need access to them while on the road.

I use IBackup, which automatically backs up my selected files at an appointed time and frequency. But don't rely on an online service as your only backup strategy. If your notebook has a 40 GB hard drive, for instance, and you're backing up 500 MB of data online, you're securing only a small portion of your data. For more ideas, read "Mobile Computing: Backup Strategies for the Road."