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July 22, 2006

Online Storage Company Adds Open File Backup Capability to its Backup Features.

IBackup (, a leading online storage service, adds important open file backup capabilities to its flagship product, IBackup for Windows.

(PRWEB) July 22, 2006 -- Leading online storage provider IBackup ( adds important open file backup capabilities to its flagship product, IBackup for Windows.

IBackup now provides users with the ability to backup their open files that might be used by applications running on the user’s computer to their IBackup account. Many users, without realizing, may leave their key applications such as Outlook open, and if a backup is scheduled for 0utlook data, such backups could be rendered unreliable if the application does not support open file backups.

Ability to add the open file backup capability was critical to address the online backup needs of those users who rely heavily on applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Intuit QuickBooks. These applications usually keep their data files open.

“Due to the fact that these critical e-mail/financial data files are kept open, most common backup utilities available in the market today do not backup these critical files. This results in significant loss of time for users who have to wait till the application has been closed before they can commence their backups. It also enables users to perform their scheduled backups uninterrupted while they continue with their daily activities thus saving significant time. Overall, IBackup for Windows performs this job and addresses this need very efficiently and effectively,” says Mr. Naveen Athresh, Project Manager at IBackup.

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IBackup is a division of Pro Softnet Corp., a leading SSP on the Internet and possibly the largest integrated online storage and backup provider, based in Woodland Hills. Pro Softnet Corp. was established in April 1995 and has successfully executed customized online storage assignments for many Fortune 100 Companies. IBackup is a leading provider of secure online storage, backup, access, data sharing and Remote Access solutions. Pro Softnet's services include IBackup (, RemotePC (, a real time hands-free online backup service for quicken and QuickBooks data ( and an enterprise class backup solution (