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DECEMBER 21, 2007

Leading online backup service IBackup ( recently announced a comprehensive web based scheduling management utility to its feature set.

WOODLAND HILLS, CA (PRWEB)-- Leading online backup service IBackup ( recently announced a comprehensive web based management utility to add to its feature set. This lets users directly edit their backup sets (a collection of files/folders that are required for backup) and set scheduling parameters including frequency and notification. This puts them essentially in control of their critical backup activities - even on the go. This also lets an administrator manage backups for a branch office computers from a central console via web. They can also view full logs of the backups.

Says Mr. Suresh Krishnan, a Project Lead at IBackup, "It's a critical requirement we needed to address with the growing number of users on our service who wish to alter their scheduled backup jobs but who are not in front of the physical machine on which the client application has been installed. This feature comes in handy and it works in a seamless integrated manner."

IBackup has already reached a high level of technological innovation with many path breaking products and services covering the gamut of the backup portfolio such as online Exchange server backups, brick level exchange backup, online SQL server backup, open file backup with highest level of performance possible via internet.

"Web based backup management has been a premium enterprise class feature available only with the high end online backup product offerings. With this feature addition, we bring a cost effective enterprise class feature to the SMB market," says Naveen A., Project Manager at IBackup.

IBackup also plans to use this key feature for its reseller market where resellers actively manage the backups of their clients, a process known as 'Managed Backups'.

About IBackup

IBackup is one of the leading services in the field of online backup. IBackup has been in receipt of many accolades among which the latest was the best of the bunch as rated by PCWorld magazine for 2006 and has in the past been the PCMagazine editor's choice pick and the PCPro award winner. IBackup has, in the recent past, been awarded with the Webuser gold award in the entire online backup category.

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