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August 19, 2008

IBackup Online Backup Partner Offerings Reach a New Milestone

Pro Softnet Corporation, a leader in the Storage-as-a-Service, Online Backup and Storage market, today announced that IBackup ( has a partner channel of over 2,000 reseller partners, and growing at an average of 150 new reseller partners per month. "This is very exciting news," raved Raghu Kulkarni, CEO at Pro Softnet Corp. "It just goes to prove, yet again, that IBackup is a leading player in the Online Backup and Storage market," he said.

IBackup's Partner options have been quite successful as they present a win-win position for the partners as well as IBackup. "We have kept the partner program simple with an attractive revenue share opportunity. With the addition of these new resellers, we can now reach a wider market," said Mr. Kulkarni. IBackup's future partner initiatives include addressing many verticals including Financial Institutions, Law Firms and Medical establishments.

IBackup, the company's flagship product, is designed for Small-to-Medium Business and the Enterprise market. It offers hot backups of SQL Server, Exchange Server, and Oracle Server, Disaster Recovery and Hot Site capabilities, management of multiple backup sets and granular file-sharing capabilities. Business plans start at only $9.95/month for 10GB and can easily scale to meet any storage requirement.

The industry being fragmented, it is very difficult to separate quality services from what's available in the marketplace. "IBackup differentiates from the rest in performance and breadth of features. For example, IBackup clearly outperforms the rest in its segment by a factor of 30% for both backups and restores, and offers true archiving which means that the data is not deleted from your backup account even if it is deleted from your desktop," said Naveen A, Project Manager at IBackup.

Most online backup services now provide the efficient block level patching technology that improves backup efficiency. This means, only modified pieces of data are transferred, not the whole file. But IBackup is the only service that provides the efficient incremental transfer technology for both backups and restores. This has helped provide the hot sites disaster recovery ( solution that can easily scale to multiple Terabytes. "This kind of disaster recovery solution has only been available to Fortune 500 companies at a hefty price. We are bringing such solutions to Small to Medium sized businesses and our resellers are playing a very important role in selling these solutions to them," said Raghu Kulkarni. More information on these IBackup advantages can be found at

About IBackup:

IBackup is a leading provider of online backup and storage services. IBackup has received several accolades among which the latest was the best of the bunch as rated by PCWorld magazine and has in the past been the PCMagazine editor's choice pick and the PCPro award winner.