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April 19, 2006

IBackup ( launches IBackup Personal with secure real time backups with encryption and versioning. - PRWeb

(PRWEB) April 19, 2006 -- Data retention has become a key aspect and a feature to consider while evaluating the various backup and storage solution providers available today. This aspect necessitates the need to access multiple (and prior) versions of a file with minimal keystrokes right off the user’s Windows explorer. IBackup Personal now helps users retain multiple versions of their desktop files absolutely safely and archived on a storage location either on their local computer or mapped/removable drives. Its flagship Real time backup TM technology achieves this without compromising on data security – all this without interrupting your on-going activities.

“In other words, it’s a hands-free activity. Encryption insures that even if the backup media is lost, confidentiality of data is not lost. Versioning insures that users are able to restore data 'as of' a particular date/time,” says Mr. Naveen Athresh, a Project Manager at IBackup.”

Other features of IBackup Personal include an extremely intuitive and a user-friendly interface, fast and efficient backups and automatic selection of most commonly used user data such as 'Microsoft Outlook Express’, my ‘Microsoft Outlook Address Book,’ the ‘My documents’ folder, the ‘My Favorites’ folder etc.

Mr. Naveen also adds “With IBackup Personal, users can now look forward to what we term as “Continuous data protection” wherein users don’t really have to do much but for a one-time install of the application and selecting the contents of their backup set that automatically gets archived to a safe destination without requiring any further user inputs. It also augments your Windows desktop to support a versioned encrypted file system with no complex installations.”

Additional information on the product, pricing and the technology can be got at

About IBackup

IBackup is a division of Pro Softnet Corp., a leading SSP on the Internet and possibly the largest integrated online storage and backup provider, based in Woodland Hills. Pro Softnet Corp. was established in April 1995 and has successfully executed customized online storage assignments for many Fortune 100 Companies. IBackup is a leading provider of open, highly customizable secure online storage, backup, access, data sharing and Remote Access solutions. Pro Softnet's services include IBackup (, RemotePC ( and and a fast growing anti spam application BSpam (