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Dec 16, 2009

IBackup announces IBackup For Linux with a graphical interface to manage server and desktop backups.

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Dec 16 /PRNewswire/ — IBackup ( has always offered multi-platform online backup solutions including PC (Desktop and Server), Mac and Linux platforms. Until now, the Linux backup essentially involved command line based setup and management. With the new graphical interface, IBackup now offers a fully featured online backup solution for Linux platform that can be set up and managed via a browser.

"IBackup is now among the selected few online backup service providers with a full graphical UI for all the major platforms including PC, Mac and Linux," said Raghu Kulkarni, CEO at Pro Softnet Corp. Details on the service can be seen at

The install on the Linux platform is a seamless process involving downloading a tar file of under a 1MB size, de-compressing the tar file and running the

The features of IBackup for Linux include:

  • Graphical interface for selection of files and scheduling of backups
  • Powerful Scheduling and Logging features
  • Automated Backups and Email Notification for Success or Failure of Backup Jobs
  • Browser based interactive restores
  • World class security with RAID protected storage that is mirrored onto another set of devices for additional protection
  • Fast wire compressed incremental transfers for optimal resource utilization

"IBackup continues to innovate and bring enterprise quality offerings to SMB market at affordable prices. IBackup offers fast online backup and restore choices with several levels of optimization. Advanced features include hot backups for Exchange, SQL Server and Oracle. Additionally, we also offer true hot sites disaster recovery solution where users can create a full replica of primary data at a secondary location, something that only large enterprises could afford, and now, we are offering a true graphical interface for the Linux backups," said Raghu Kulkarni, President and CEO of Pro Softnet Corp.

About IBackup:

IBackup is a leading provider of online backup and storage services. IBackup has been in receipt of many accolades among which the latest was the best of the bunch as rated by PC World magazine and has in the past been the PC Magazine editor’s choice pick and the PC Pro award winner. IBackup has, in the recent past, been awarded with the Web user gold award in the entire online backup category.

Further information on the product/services can be seen at