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Dec 21, 2000

IBackup Releases Smart-Ib Plus for Linux
ScreamingMedia, Business Wire

WOODLAND HILLS, Calif., Dec 21, 2000 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- IBackup (, a division of Pro Softnet Corp., has released a Java-based online backup scheduler called Smart-IB Plus with compression and incremental backup features for the Linux/Unix platforms in addition to the Windows version.

Now users of IBackup can schedule unattended backups at pre-specified times at regular intervals from their PC desktops or Linux and other Unix variants including Solaris machines onto their IBackup account spaces.

"Use of Java technology was critical for the scheduler implementation," said Raghu Kulkarni, president and chief executive officer of Pro Softnet Corp. "True to the nature of Java, the product is easily portable and could be implemented for multiple platforms. The entire product suite for IBackup service has been developed, keeping Java at the heart of its leading-edge technology for backup, storage, access and sharing from any Web-enabled device, including wireless devices."

Release of the scheduler for the Linux/Unix platforms was critical to address the growing needs of online backup and access needs of individuals and businesses. Linux currently commands a 60 percent share of the Web server market, and the Smart-IB plus product service as a part of IBackup should effectively address the offsite backup needs for the Linux servers. IBackup has several subscription plans starting from $5/month for 100 MB of data, all the way up to $800/month for 100 GB of data.

"Keeping the look and feel of Smart-IB Plus consistent with the Web-based Smart-IB was important," said Rajesh Ramani, chief technology officer of the IBackup division. "Users will have a consistent quality feel of the IBackup service, whether they use the Web-based features or downloadable options, for any platform.

"IBackup should strengthen its position as the technology leader in the Web-based storage segment with the release of this product. In addition, IBackup is the only service today that provides for multi-folder/file backup/restore facility with incremental and compression options using any Java-enabled standard browser. It is also the fastest with incremental and compression options using any Java enabled stanard browser. It is also the fastest, for the subscribed members. IBackup is the only service with 5-star ratings from Palm.Net. (,1051,1620,00.html) and Tucows ( ew/140900.html) for its wireless options, showing its clear leadership in the wireless applications," said Ramani.

About IBackup:

IBackup is a service of Pro Softnet Corp., a software consulting and ASP on the Internet based in Woodland Hills. Pro Softnet was established in April 1995 and has successfully executed software consulting assignments for many Fortune 100 companies. Pro Softnet is committed to providing quality service to its customers to meet their information system needs.

IBackup is the leader in providing an open, highly customizable backup, data storage, access and data sharing solution with several possible interfaces and options to backup, retrieve and manipulate data on the Web. IBackup's mission is to provide end to end flexible data storage solution from consumers to businesses using Internet media by combining the most sophisticated technology pieces from hardware, software, networking, storage, operating systems, security and Web technologies.

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