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October 2002

Claritech, an Information Technology Management company rates IBackup as the best online storage service - Claritech

After comparing IBackup with half a dozen providers of Internet File Storage, Claritech chooses IBackup as the best.

(Claritech) October 2002 -- This service is reasonably priced for the single-user multi-location situation and expandable for collaboration. At US$3/month for 50 MB of online storage, it is a bargain. To share files with colleagues, you must go to a larger account that allows for “sub-accounts”. For $10 you get 500 MB of storage and 1 sub-account. $20/month gives you access to 1 GB of storage and 3 sub-accounts, enabling up to 4 people to share files. IBackup is also the most flexible in terms of access, allowing FTP, web as well as local drive mapping (through a downloadable application). You can even email files to your IBackup account through 30-day free trial.