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Sep 27, 2000

PC How Tos
October 2000-Vol.6 Issue 10
Page(s) 28-31 in print issue

The Backup Plan

Options For Backing Up Your PC Data

Backing Up To The Web. A great many Internet-based backup options are now available to computer users, and one of the best reasons to look into these is also the most obvious: location. Keeping a copy of your important files in a location on the Internet lets you remotely store your files in case a sinkhole claims your house, but they are also easy to access (as long as you can connect to the Internet). This is a great way to store data, but keep in mind your Internet connection speed when you’re deciding how much information to keep backed up on these.

IBackup used to offer free storage, but it went commercial this year. This is a full-featured service, and it is worth the starting price of $5 per month for 100 MB of storage. IBackup features virtual drive options (like Xdrive), compression, encryption, scheduled backups, and the ability to save Web sites and Internet files directly to your virtual space.

by Rich Gray