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June 08, 2004

PC Magazine

IBackup is 2004 PC Magazine Editors' choice for Online Backup Solutions - PC Magazine

(PC Magazine) June 08, 2004 -- IBackup offers all the standard features, such as scheduled backups, data compression, data encryption (on the server and in transit over the Internet), and incremental backups. It also provides some handy nonstandard features. For example, you can e-mail file attachments directly into your online storage, and you can configure an online drive to appear as a local drive. To upload and download files and folders, you use either the very intuitive IBackup for Windows application or one of three different browser-based methods offered. We encountered a glitch when manually backing up individual directories with the Windows client: Because the remote system does not precisely maintain the source system's directory tree, files within subdirectories of the same name can be merged into a single directory. IBackup stores backed-up data in two separate data centers for extra reliability and can maintain 15 versions of individual files.