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Mar 20, 2000

IBackup releases "IBackup For Windows"

WOODLAND HILLS, CA -- (INTERNET WIRE) -- 03/20/2000 -- Pro Softnet Corp, the maker of IBackup, releases IBackup for Windows , the latest addition to IBackup's tools to backup / retrieve / manipulate/ share user's data on their IBackup space. The best use of IBackup for Windows is to schedule auto-transfers for regular unattended backups. Users can even set the transfers for only the files that have been modified.

IBackup is a strong proponent and market leader of Open Storage Solution, with FTP ready features. Users can use their favorite FTP clients to use their IBackup space. In addition to the browser based folder level backup/restore operations, IBackup provides some leading edge features for sharing of files using 'Generate Link' feature. IBackup is one of the few who offer both HTTP and FTP modes of transfer depending on the user's choice and has one of the easiest user interfaces on the market, offers one of the highest free space offerings, 200 MB to its users

Internet has become overloaded with huge amount of transferred information and transferred files have become very large. This makes it difficult to upload and download files during the day. Transfers are typically fastest at night or early in the morning. With IBackup users can schedule any number of transfers for any future date/time - IBackup for Windows will automatically dial (or use direct internet connection), connect to your IBackup account, upload and download files and disconnect. It will also automatically reschedule auto-transfers when the line is busy or connection is too slow. IBackup for Windows comes IBackup Assistant to help users in scheduling auto-transfers.

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Pro Softnet Corp.
IBackup Division
21300 Victory Blvd suite 690
Woodland Hills CA 91367