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Mar 4, 2005

IDrive Multimedia - First Internet HardDrive with MultiMedia Features, A virtual iPod? - PRWeb

IBackup (, a leading online storage and backup service provider, has announced release of IDrive MultiMedia, the first Internet HardDrive Technology that is designed for MultiMedia use.

(PRWEB) March 4, 2005 -- You have your MP3 collection on your home PC. You want to play them from your LapTop at your vacation spot in Hawaii. You have Video files at your office, and you want to play them at your client presentation. You can now accomplish such things with IDrive Multimedia, IBackup's latest innovation in offering leading online storage and backup features.

"Unlike other Internet HardDrives that require a background downloading of files first, and only simulate network drive look and feel, IDrive MultiMedia is a true Internet HardDrive Technology and can stream MultiMedia data almost instantly." says Raghu Kulkarni, President and CEO of Pro Softnet Corp.

Users simply need to move their music and video files into their IBackup account. Once copied over, these files are available for instant play from anywhere. Simple click on them will open up your Media Player and play the multimedia file. You can even create 'Playlists' or do 'Shuffle' using your favorite Media Player pointing to IDrive's media files. Music or Video starts streaming nearly instantaneously. One can even use advanced functions such as fast-forward with near instant response. IDrive Multimedia is the most flexible internet drive ever designed which supports all multimedia formats that your PC applications support.

Other key features include security. In addition to standard username/ password authentication system, it streams data with 128 bit SSL encryption.

During testing of the product at an user group, the thing that attracted the users most was their ability to use MultiMedia player of their choice on their PC and still stream data. One user quipped "my Windows Media Player is now a Virtual iPod!". IBackup's storage plans start at $9.95 per month for a 5GB storage that is almost enough to store 1000 MP3s or over 4 hours of video.

"We tested the application from various geographic points within USA, and the streaming response was near uniform and near instantaneous. This is now possible due to our extensive network of server farms to optimize connectivity and minimize latency. We now offer true streaming and virtual disconnection from any hardware point. With a combination of Remote Access, Online Storage and IDrive MultiMedia, we provide a true virtual Digital Lifestyle experience", said Raghu Kulkarni.

About IBackup

IBackup is a division of Pro Softnet Corp., a leading SSP on the Internet and possibly the largest integrated online storage and backup provider, based in Woodland Hills. Pro Softnet Corp. was established in April 1995 and has successfully executed customized online storage assignments for many Fortune 100 Companies. IBackup is a leading provider of secure online storage, backup, access, data sharing and Remote Access solutions.

Pro Softnet's services include IBackup (, RemotePC ( and a fast growing anti spam application BSpam (

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