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Feb 24, 2002

AccsysIT signs up to to resell IBackup products and services.

IBackup signs up more than a dozen resellers in various countries to resell IBackup products and services. One such company is AccsysIT, a Melbourne, Australia based Networking Solutions company.

IBackup is a secure, highly customizable data storage, access and data sharing solution for consumers and businesses with several possible interfaces and options to backup / retrieve and manipulate your data on the web.

Data is stored behind multiple levels of security at the Exodus data center locations. Almost all IBackup applications have SSL encryption option. IBackup has both browser based and downloadable applications for Windows, Unix and Mac platforms. There are backup services and online storage providers, only IBackup has integrated storage features with specialized backup functions with leading edge features from both.

IBackup has premium features such as sub-accounts for collaborative data storage and access with access and quota control, bandwidth matching for users with very high speed internet access exceeding 1.5Mb/Sec.

IBackup eliminates email clogging problems with large attachments with its secure link based file and folder sharing.

IBackup is scalable

- IBackup users can purchase space online from 50 MB to 100 GB and more with many customization options including group accounts.