IBackup Professional
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Employees can access their backed up data from the website and restore to any local computer, after office hours and on the move – giving businesses improved flexibility and increasing their productivity.

a) Steps for viewing the files / folders:

1. Login to your IBackup Professional account via any web browser.
2. On successful login, you will be able to view the drive names where all your backed up files / folders are stored.
3. The path in which the data is stored on your local system is mirrored to your account. Click the drive name to view the files and folders.
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b) Restoring the files:

To restore a file, simply click the particular file name. You are prompted for the 'Encryption Password' only for the first time of the session. Subsequent restores are done directly. To view earlier versions of the file, click the icon provided under 'Version' column. For restoring the file, click the 'Version Number' of the file.

c) Using the search option:

Enter the search criteria to locate your backed up file / folder.