IBackup Professional

Purchase storage space and resell it to your customers at a price that you desire.

Some partners desire greater account control than the Referral Partnership provisions. For them, we have the Bulk Reseller Partnership program.

Bulk resellers buy their storage outright and resell it to individual customers, thus maintaining control on the billing and management through the online account maintenance facility available, by logging into the IBackup Professional website.

We sell you this storage area for which you quote a price to your customer. You manage the account payables and first tier of customer service (for account and billing). The IBackup Professional service team is available as a second tier support (for technical and access issues), at no charge to you. We charge you monthly for the storage area used. You control the accounts and the revenue, and we assist in the technical management.

Bulk Reseller Partnership
Bulk purchase of storage area
Assumes greater integration role by partner
Accounts will be administered by partner using the online account maintenance facility
Partner establishes pricing independent of IBackup Professional for their customers
Partner manages all accounts payable and first tier customer service
IBackup Professional provides second tier customers service for technical issues
Partner establishes margins and revenue potential

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