IBackup Professional

Get a share of the revenue generated by recommending the IBackup Professional solution.

Using our referral program is simple for both you and your customer.

We provide a URL specifically for your customers to access the IBackup Professional service. Your customer can then avail a 15-day free trial or sign up directly to our subscription service. We identify the customer as your referral, through the URL.

From the revenue collected monthly from this customer, we set aside 25% of the qualifying amount generated and return it to you as commission, every quarter. This payment is only from the funds actually received. We provide all the accounting, customer service and back-office structure, and you sign up new customers and collect revenue.

Referral Partnership
Partner refer their customer to the IBackup Professional Service
IBackup Professional provides the partner a specific URL to identify their customer's referrals
Utilize IBackup Professional pricing schedule, depending on service plan
IBackup Professional provides all accounting, customer service and back office operations
Partner receives 25% of the qualifying revenue generated by their customers, paid quarterly

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