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IBackup allows historical view of your data through use of its Snapshots technology. You can consider snapshots as something that allows you to retain changed data history for a period of time. Available daily snapshots have been set to 10. This may change without notice.

Please note that the additional storage requirements for Snapshots will have no impact on your data usage and is free for Enhanced backup and Workgroup accounts.


Once you enable Snapshots view, You should be able to see the files stored in your IBackup account during the previous days under the newly created directories with appropriate names. The backup directories will have meaningful names with date extensions or nightly.* or weekly.* extensions.

nightly.0 extension refers to the most recent snapshot.
nightly.1 extension refers to a day older snapshot in relation to the most recent snapshot.
nightly.2 extension refers to 2 days older snapshot in relation to the most recent snapshot.

You can restore the files which you need from these directories just as you would, for any file or directory.

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