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Support Teams and Help Desk Solutions

For companies that provide computer support, one can log into their customer's computers from anywhere in the world and fix their problems remotely. Their customers simply have to install a small client.

Firewall friendly and extremely secure, Remote Access Helpdesk solution improves customer service level and saves time and improves productivity.

  Remote Access

Remote printing ability to print directly from the Host computer to a printer accessible locally.

File/ Folder transfer between the Host and Viewer computer.

Ability to access and transfer contents from a mapped network drive between the host & viewer computers.

'Access Notification' feature for enhanced security. more


Signup for a Remote Access Helpdesk account

Before you start using Remote Access Helpdesk, please signup for an account. After signing up you may download the Remote Support Viewer to setup the viewer. You can also test drive Remote Access Helpdesk using the 30-Day Free Trial and download the Host and the Viewer applications.

Helpdesk User Manual
Helpdesk FAQ

Remote Access Helpdesk Signup
Pricing Plans Monthly Plan Yearly Plan
Basic Plan
(3 remote computer connection option)
$14.95 $149.50
Enterprise Plan
(25 remote computer connection option)
$74.95 $749.50

Download and install Remote Support Viewer Application

Remote Support Viewer is used to connect to the remote computer. After installation, you can create temporary licenses with an appropriate description to add remote computers for access. These licenses can be mailed to customers who will have to download a host application and provide this license key to enable remote access. Once the customer is connected, you can access his computer remotely and then end the session after troubleshooting.

Your customers need to download Remote Support Host to enable access. more

Remote Support Viewer
Download Remote Support Viewer
Version 2.1.4
Released on 07/13/2006.


How do we make it easy for end-users?
The HelpDesk Remote Access solution minimizes the end-users interaction to enable remote access with the use of a unique 'License Key'. There is no need to enter complete usernames and passwords, and the host names and host keys. They just need to enter a License Key, which is emailed to them from tech support. This also protects the main account information from end-users.


How do Tech Support Personnel gain remote access to end-users?

Download the 'Remote Support Viewer' and install it on the agent/ technical support executive's computer.

The agent creates temporary licenses by clicking 'Create License', selects the license and clicks on 'Email License' to send the license along with a download link of 'Remote Support Host' to the Customer.

Customer downloads and installs the 'Remote Support Host ' application on computer and enters the license number sent in the email.

When the customer is connected, status column of that License becomes 'Active' on Viewer. After selecting the required active license the agent has to click on the 'Connect' button to access the customer's computer.

To remove a license, agent selects a license and clicks on 'Remove License'.

Remote Access


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