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Offsite Backup

Offsite backup is synonymous with online backup or remote backup.


What does offsite backup mean to you as an end-user?

Offsite backup refers to data that is not backed up onsite. Implicit is the fact that you require a trustworthy offsite backup service provider to cater to this need.

Over the past decade, IBackup has forged relationships with several thousand consumers, SMEs and large enterprises - all of whom trust IBackup for their offsite backup needs.

What makes IBackup unique?

IBackup is the one of the few services of its kind that has an open interface. It provides client utilities that enable access to your data from virtually any operating platform - Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS etc.

IBackup offers several other benefits:

The service comes with a simple and user-intuitive interface, which allows even a novice to use it effortlessly. There is emphasis on data security. Besides, it provides a convenient web-based interface for consumers, and advanced client utilities.

Data backed up on the offsite locations of IBackup is compressed prior to transmission to minimize bandwidth usage and is encrypted using superior levels of encryption technologies.

For large amounts of backup, IBackup provides a hard disk shipment to you so that you can perform the initial backup onto the disk and ship it to IBackup (the concept is called RapidServe as it speeds up your backup). Subsequent incremental backups consume little time as the application employs superior incremental backup algorithms. Only the modified portions of your file are transferred over the Internet to the data centers.

Users have constantly regarded IBackup's user-interfaces as among the most simple.

IBackup performs offsite backups using 128-bit SSL encryption to transmit data. The offsite backups reside on IBackup's storage servers that are monitored on a 24 x 7 basis with an uptime of 99.9%. Redundancy has been achieved on the server side infrastructure at every stage.

IBackup has received several accolades for its offsite backup service by PCMag, PCPro and other leading journals.