Complete data protection for your small business

Protect your entire Windows computer and server systems using the image backup feature from IBackup. IBackup® Mirror enables you to perform a system image backup of your computer with its operating system, application configuration, and settings or backup specific volumes or files/folders.

Safeguard your small business data with comprehensive online backup

Full machine backup

Securely upload a disk image of your Windows computer and server systems, including the OS and associated VMs, to the cloud.

Incremental backup

Instead of running repeated full image backups, only the modifications done to your data since the previous backup will be saved at regular intervals.

Customizable backup settings

Use the default backup plan or create a custom plan with the required backup settings, email notifications, and backup schedule.

Optimized Backups

Image Backup is up to three times faster with the help of Changed Block Tracking (CBT) technology, to reduce backup time.

System image restore

Perform a hassle-free system image recovery for the entire computer, without installing and configuring the operating system.

Protection against ransomware

Restore versions of the image backups to a point in time prior to the ransomware infection and ensure continued access to your data.

Backup monitoring

Keep a tab on all the backup related tasks with notifications for backup status and detailed logs and reports.

Data integrity verification

A data integrity check is performed after every backup operation to ensure the reliability and accuracy of the backed up image data.

How does IBackup® Mirror work?

Enable Image Backup

Enable image backup from the web console

Add Computers

Download and install the agent on your Windows computers

Schedule Backup

Create backup set, modify backup settings and schedule

Cloud-based Data Restore

Recover your entire Windows computers and server systems or individual files/folders. Data being readily available for restore makes data migration or disaster recovery simpler and more effective.

Full computer backup for all Windows computers in small to medium-sized business

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